Barclays ladiesWe run regular events for experienced and aspiring angel investors:

Investor Academe: 

Investor Academe is our practical and interactive workshop for new and aspiring angel investors. Our 6 hour intensive programme covers all the fundamental aspects of investing in startups from deal-sourcing and syndicate formation through to exit. The Workshop is designed and delivered by experienced angel investors and includes tailored advice from expert advisors.

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Angel Academe:

We run regular pitch events throughout the year where pre-screened startup investment opportunities present to our angel investors. These events are for High Net Worth individuals who are interested in investing with other angels as part of an informal syndicate. All investors are welcome but we are particularly keen to attract women angels and new investors. Our focus is on maximising financial return, but also creating a fun and collaborative environment by combining a wide mix of skills and angel investing experience.

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Entrepreneur Academe:

In February we invited applications for our mentoring programme for women tech entrepreneurs. The programme runs from April-December with support from the City of London and powered by the Angel Academe community of mentors, advisors and angel investors.

Over the course of 9 months, participants meet monthly and receive access to high quality advice from a large network of very experienced business people with the objective of accelerating their business.

If you are an experienced business person and would like to join our existing group of mentors, we would love to hear from you. Please tell us a little more about yourself.