UKBAA award

Louise Wilson (left) from Abundance Generation and Bridget Connell (centre) from Angel Academe receive “Best Women-Led Investment” at the UKBAA awards


George Whitehead (Octopus Ventures and the Angel Co-Fund) presents Sarah Turner (left) and Ramona Liberoff (right) with Angel Syndicate of the Year

What our members say

“Angel investing gives me a chance to be entrepreneurial, to share my experience and to invest in other women” Banker at J.P. Morgan

“When I attended my first Angel Academe event it de-mystified angel investing and made me aware of how relevant my background and skills are to supporting businesses” former Programme Director, Telefonica

“Angel Academe is a place where women can discover and discuss investment opportunities and share angel investing experiences and concerns in a collegial and supportive environment. It’s all upside!” former MD, Blackstone UK and entrepreneur

“Angel Academe is the best-curated network of women entrepreneurs and angels in London” entrepreneur and change leader

Our Ethos
Angel Academe is a pro-women (but not women-only) angel investment group focussed on technology. Our angels are female entrepreneurs and senior professionals and we support ambitious women-founded and led technology businesses. Men who support our vision are also welcome.

We believe that to help more women “go big” with their ventures, we need to increase the number of women investors. We also want to become (even) better investors by sharing our experience and investing together in a fun and collaborative environment.

Pitch Events
We run regular pitch events, or “Studios”, throughout the year where pre-screened investment opportunities present to our angel investors. These events are for people who are interested in investing with other angels as part of a syndicate. All certified or self-certified investors (as defined by FSMA) are welcome but we are particularly keen to attract women angels and new investors.

Rigorous Screening Process
We receive many applications to pitch to us and have a rigorous screening process to ensure those that do pitch are both good investment opportunities and relevant to the domain expertise and interests of our group. Each application is reviewed by at least 5 of our angels or advisors.

Benefits for angel investors
Our focus is on maximising financial return by combining our wide mix of skills and angel investing experience to identify the best investment opportunities, carry out due diligence and actively support our portfolio companies post-investment. Other benefits of investing with our group include:

  • Learn by doing alongside experienced angels in a collaborative and supportive group
  • Access to pre-screened, high growth potential investment opportunities
  • Pool your financial resources and expertise with other investors with a wide mix of skills and experience
  • Create or grow an investment portfolio (or build a portfolio career)
  • Have fun, expand your network and fuel your brain!

Join us!
If you would like to attend one of these events as an angel investor, please get in touch using the form below: