Here’s a guest post from Shilpa Bhandarkar, one of this year’s Entrepreneur Academe cohort and founder of Coo.


If you google “technology for parents” or “parenting technology”, you are likely to find one of two categories of products: baby tech (eg hi-tech video monitors and baby gadgets) or EduTech (eg apps to teach your children maths and literacy). And that’s pretty much it.

Technology for parents as you would normally define it — technology to make the act of parenting easier — doesn’t exist in any meaningful way. And so millennials are entering parenthood to find that parenting technology today, made specifically for parents, is no different from that of the 1990s.

Educational institutions still use paper and email to communicate important dates and information, interaction with other parents is largely limited to school gates, and school trip payments are still paid with cash or cheque in an envelope. In direct contrast, we are used to a host of technology to assist our everyday lives — Uber, TripAdvisor, Slack, Task Rabbit, LinkedIn, Trello. But none of these are particularly helpful to parenting.

ParentTech is a new wave in app technology, designed largely by parents, for parents, specifically aimed at making parenting easier, quicker and less stressful. The range of services is broad — from communication apps and activity directories, to online doctor’s appointments and ‘Uber for kids’. Millennials invented the modern tech industry from their parents’ garages and basements. Now they are doing it from their kids’ nurseries and playgrounds!

Coo is reinventing how communities of parents communicate and collaborate with each other. After all, when communities collaborate, things get easier. Coo allows groups of parents to come together, share information and calendars in private groups organised around their children’s activities. A group for school, a group for tennis class, another for dance class — each with a news feed and a shared calendar. All that information consolidated into a single place and accessible on the go (handy given parents are rarely known to be allowed to sit still for longer than 10 seconds at a stretch — and that’s on a good day). Think WhatsApp meets Google Calendar, to simplify parenting.

Ship Bhandarkar, Co-founder and Chief Parent Officer

Most London school and nursery calendars are now available in Coo — so just use your school or nursery’s postcode as the group code to download calendar dates to your phone. Never forget a term date again! More at