Mush founders Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie-Taylor (participants on this year’s Entrepreneur Academe) tell us about the 5 key things they learnt when launching their app.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 13.53.43Mush is a new free app that seeks to connect local mums who have kids the same age. The app (finally) went live on the app store and google play at the end of April.

  1. Learn to be patient

Refreshing the App Store status became a frustrating exercise. When everything about your product and your launch is planned and executed according to your plans, the helplessness of not knowing when you might have an app approved is hard to stomach.

Apple is a law unto itself and notorious for running a doors-closed review process, lasting from a few days to a few weeks (with no apparent pattern). Google is a hell of a lot easier… so that’s something to be grateful for.

  1. Get over it, you’ll never have a perfect app

You’ve been telling everyone about your app forever, you’ve tested it, you’ve tweaked it and you think it just about works well enough. Then suddenly, the result of all that blood, sweat and tears is suddenly exposed to the big wide world and you have to start rolling with the punches.

Your app will never be perfect. Stifle the urge to keep it under wraps until everything’s just right; instead start on-boarding people as soon as possible to work out what things really matter to your users. 

  1. Ask for feedback, then ask again

Sounds obvious, but unless you make it really clear you want it, people will not give you the criticism you need. There’ll be a lot to fix and feedback is the easiest way to prioritise the long list that your developers/ design team and long term strategists will need to get through (in our case us!)

  1. Be honest with users

Bring your new users on the journey with you and they will be more forgiving and more likely to talk about you. Explain that things aren’t perfect. Tell them that they are pioneers. And then hope and pray that they’ll want to upload your app updates.

  1. Lose control

After day one we tweaked our growth numbers. By day three our carefully planned growth strategy was in tatters (in a good way!)

We’re still getting our heads around this bit.  You can’t control who finds your app and you definitely don’t want to hamper momentum that may come from anywhere. So make sure you are ready to change, pivot, second-guess and test new things. Saddle up and enjoy the ride!

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