Toni Sekina from Tech City Insider interviewed Simon Thorpe (left), me (centre) and YeeMun Thum (right) about the need for more women investors…

It was a very wide-ranging discussion but here are some of our key points:

+ We back diverse and women-led teams because we believe they will deliver better ROI. A HBR study found that venture-backed, women-led technology companies brought in 12 percent higher revenue than their male-led counterparts.

+ Women founders don’t need special support, just a level playing field. So when pitching for funding, they need to see women investors.

+ The UK investment community has a diversity problem: only 3% of our VC partners and 14% of our angel investors are women. Too many women are missing out on the opportunities angel investing brings.

+ Knowing there’s a bias and understanding different communication styles makes it easier to put structures in place to correct the bias.

+ If you diversify your networks, you will find more diverse investment opportunities. Don’t just work with or invest in people who look like you.

+ We need more young people to study STEM subjects – male and female. Although the best founders have a very wide range of skills. Great tech skills alone are not enough!

+ We need more education on angel investing, more stories and more role models to encourage more women to get involved.

+ According to the startup DNA report, 30% of startup founders and senior executives are women.

+ Women entrepreneurs should think bigger; obsess about “shipping, shipping, shipping” rather than perfection and be very clear of their investor proposition.