AAEAAQAAAAAAAALhAAAAJDM1ODcwNDE2LWM5ZDgtNDJmOC05M2I1LWUwNGQ1MjZmMzVlMQI’ve asked some Angel Academe members to talk about what attracted them to angel investing. First up is Francesca Tondi…

“I came to angel investing from a background of listed shares investing and was fascinated by how fun, intellectually interesting and soul enriching it is. What captivated me is the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people (be they entrepreneurs or the other Angel Academe investors) on a wide range of issues: from the initial validation of a business idea, to how to forge a growth or marketing strategy, or what is the true meaning of having the right people around the table, as even the best idea is only as successful as the people that execute on it.

The classic financial return metrics needs to be adjusted when looking at such early stage investments, but I have seen more opportunity for value creation in the angel investments I have made, than I have seen for some time. And Angel Academe’s collegial style that draws on the various skills of all investors involved when looking at a business opportunity is invaluable. It’s the best “club” I have joined for a very long time!”

You can hear more from Francesca and other Angel Academe members at our Investor Academe workshop for new and aspiring angel investors on 5th April. Full details and registration are here.