Reflecting on my own 20+ year career, there are various people who’ve had a profound impact on it and still do. They supported and championed me, they took chances on me and they inspired me. I’m eternally grateful. I’m still in touch with most of them and seek out their company or work with them whenever I can. I think everyone needs mentors at some point, but this is especially important for women in tech where there are still so few role models.

Mentoring comes in different shapes and sizes. From speed-mentoring sessions when you try to extract or give as much value as you can in 5- 20 minutes, to long-term structured mentoring relationships and everything in-between. What I’ve learnt is that mentoring relationships can’t be forced. There has to be personal chemistry and a good match in terms of skills and experience. Timing is a factor also.

At Entrepreneur Academe we aren’t trying to force anything. We give our female tech entrepreneurs access to a pool of very experienced people drawn from the world of investment, technology and entrepreneurship. We’ve worked hard to make sure our network is diverse: we welcome men but are particularly keen to attract women.

Entrepreneur Academe entrepreneurs are innovative and ambitious. They’re also very proactive in seeking out the help they need from our network whether it’s advice on investment readiness from an angel investor; on hiring from one of our HR specialists; or some practical legal, accounting or technical support from one of our partner organisations (Thomson Reuters, Kingsley Napley andhaysmacintyre). Some specific benefits include:

+ Spend time working on your business, not in it.
+ Learn what angel investors and VCs look for and what types of funding are right for your business.
+ Network with angel investors, VCs and entrepreneurs who’ve successfully raised funding.
+ Access technical, legal and accountancy support from our partners.
+ Tap into a diverse network of mentors with expertise in sales and marketing, PR and social media, people, technology and design.
+ Learn from, collaborate with and be inspired by your peers.

Apply to Entrepreneur Academe
If you’re a female founder (or co-founder) from a London-based tech startup who would benefit from mentoring, then please apply here.

Applications are open until 28 February.