Here’s another post from one of this year’s Entrepreneur Academe participants: Özge Koca, Co-Founder of Happ

Özge Koca

I am passionate about creating more happiness in the corporate world. Everything I do is related to this passion. I studied psychology, and except for 3 years in the last 18 years of my career, I worked as a consultant. I established my first company in 2004.

For the last 12 years, I focused on delivering coaching, consultancy and training services to mostly Fortune 500, large corporations. Some of the companies that have been my clients are HSBC, Daimler, Avon, L’oreal, Philip Morris, Citi and Coca Cola Company.

I realized long ago that people in corporate life have many frustrating stories based on a simple set of reasons: they do not play to their strengths; they endure but not enjoy the corporate life; they suffer in their relationships; they do not serve a higher purpose other than the financials; they focus on outcomes rather than the process of trying to achieve and flourish.

Thus, during the past 12 years, I focused on helping executives and companies create more happiness and wellbeing in the workplace through the science of Positive Psychology. During these years, I also realized that companies are getting more and more involved in making their customers happier so that they keep them for longer periods and engage them in more purchasing behavior. The companies also started to notice that if they were able to make their employees feel better, they perform better and then the return is better.

Happ Consulting Services was born after many years in the consulting business with solid experience in working with companies on creating more happiness at the work place. Taner, my partner at Happ, brought together everything I dreamt of, in a very simple way. I remember us talking through the idea on a blank piece of A4 paper. He told me; ¨If you can describe it, I can code it¨. Well, of course it took a lot of iterations back and forth, but with his experience in Balanced Scorecards and User Experience Design in his previous jobs in the telecommunications sector, we were able to come up with Happ, our SaaS tool which we believe will change the marketing world’s language in the analysis of customer insight.

Through Happ, we help our clients collect and interpret the real time customer (and employee) insight they need to make intelligent (marketing and business) decisions. Through collecting real time customer (and employee) insight, we believe our clients can see what is going on with the experience they provide to their customers, and take the necessary actions to improve their experience. This will provide our clients a chance to build the best possible emotional bond with their customers, that will lead to higher customer retention, new customer acquisition and positive word of mouth.

Now we are at the stage of generating funding and getting into the business network in London. We feel privileged to be in the Angel Academe network, it helps us to turn our product into a business-which we learn through the Entrepreneur Academe Program. We are thankful to everyone who has been giving their feedback and providing wisdom to us. It is such a happy journey!