Kat Farrants talks about Movement for Modern Life and being part of Entrepreneur Academe


I’m Kat Farrants, a yoga practitioner for over 20 years, and I founded Movement for Modern Life, after years spent as a lawyer in the city being late for yoga class. When a car accident and divorce taught me how invaluable my yoga was for dealing with the challenges life brings, I started my mission: to make the transformational effects of mindful movement and breathing accessible to everyone. Movement for Modern Life is a yoga, meditation and movement video content platform featuring the best teachers in the UK and beyond. Videos are easy to search,  classified according to the benefit practitioners will receive from ‘sleep well’ to ‘core strength’, and classes ranging from just 3 to 90 minutes. MFML was founded 2 years ago, and subscribers pay for monthly, 3-monthly or annual memberships. Growth so far has been fast and organic, through word of mouth and amazing PR (including features in many publications including Harpers, The Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, Vogue – the list is very long!). The many growing pains in the last 2 years range from bad hires to inappropriate use of our marketing budget to steep learning curves in our first pitches!

Distribution channels include partnerships with aligned businesses, media partners (having now negotiated an exclusive partnership with Psychologies magazine), partnerships with doctors’ surgeries and now Corporate Memberships. Lloyds of London are recommending us to their employee partner network of 30,000, Sony Music recommends us and we are looking to gain traction through Corporate Wellbeing programmes.

Entrepreneur Academe has been invaluable in providing a supportive and knowledgeable base of mentors as well as fellow entrepreneurs. MFML are currently being mentored in several key areas: Thomson Reuters are mentoring us in corporate growth and pitch strategies; we’ve made amazing contacts for our business strategy; growth plans have been worked out; and we’ve had and invaluable advice on the use of the tech platform, team building, the hire of a co-founder and funding. In short: absolutely everything in the maze of building a revenue-generating and fast-growing business in this zeitgeist moment for the online yoga and wellbeing industry. MFML are now being mentored in their preparation for their second round of Seed funding so that we can reach our objective: to grow our revenue 10x in the next 2 years.