One Size Fits One

Thanks to Fred Wilson’s blog, I came upon this video where economist Ian Hathaway and Techstars founder Brad Feld talk about accelerators and useful tips for running a good programme.

I’m paraphrasing Brad here, but some best practices he mentions for a successful accelerator are:

  • Understanding what an effective mentor is and knowing how to effectively engage with them over a 90-day period (I have been and still am a mentor on a few accelerator programmes and cannot agree with this enough)
  • Having a rhythm for the programme that is absorbable by founders (so not too fast or too slow)
  • Getting an understanding with the founders that there will be stress and conflict and that’s part of the programme, as it accelerates learning (getting pissed off with feedback probably indicates you’re a bad founder)
  • Building a positive lifetime culture around the accelerator which feeds on itself and where people…

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