This is Kelly Hoey’s motto, but it’s so good, I’ve borrowed it.

At Angel Academe, we’re investing in the change we want to see – literally. We’re an angel investment network and most (but not all) of our members are women. Not only have we inserted ourselves into the very male-dominated world of angel investing (less than 5% of the capital invested comes from women), but we’re investing our hard-earned cash in women-led tech businesses.

Our network is growing all the time and we’ve made 8 investments in 6 startups so far (with a few more in the pipeline). We’re very proud to have been awarded “Best Angel Syndicate” by UKBAA and the Angel CoFund recently in recognition of our work encouraging more women to invest, our focus on investing in high growth potential women, and the education and support we provide for new investors. But there’s a lot more work to do.

We’re overwhelmed by the number of good investment opportunities that we see from ambitious and disruptive, women-led tech startups. But we need more investors (both women and men) in order to fund more of them. As Dave McClure said, “We don’t just need three famous rich women investors… we need three thousand not-so-famous, not-so-rich women to step up and change the landscape.”

So if you want to dip your toe in the water of angel investing, further develop your knowledge, or find a collaborative and fun group to invest with, then please join us at Investor Academe, our workshop for new investors. Details here.