Suzanne Noble, Founder & CEO, Frugl

Frugl is a marketplace for events and offers for £10 and under, helping users enjoy city life for less. Frugl has been named as one of Buzzfeed’s “22 Apps Every Londoner Must Have”.

An Angel Academe syndicate, ably led by experienced angel investor Stephanie Allen, will be investing in Frugl. But that isn’t the end of the story. The opportunity has now been opened up to the “crowd” via Syndicate Room. Crowdfunders will be able to invest alongside our angels from as little as £1,000 and, crucially, will invest at the same valuation and the same terms we’ve negotiated.

As Stephanie says, “In Frugl I see not just a great product, but also a great team behind it. I met the founder Suzanne Noble on a number of occasions prior to investing and, in every instance, was impressed by her drive, ambition and ability to get things done…I like the product, I like its positioning and I see potential for it to grow in a revenue-generating and very scaleable fashion.”

We’re particularly proud of Frugl at Angel Academe as Suzanne is a graduate from our first Entrepreneur Academe cohort. As we’ve got to know Suzanne over the last year, we’ve been particularly impressed by how much she’s achieved with no outside investment so far (especially on the PR front!) and how open she is to feedback and suggestion. We believe Frugl is addressing an under-served segment, has multiple possible revenue streams to exploit and already has great engagement and good momentum.

See details of Frugl’s crowdfunding campaign here, https://www.syndicateroom.com/Frugl

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