2eb365bJust prior to the November Entrepreneur Academe expert session, we were lucky to have a round table session with Jacqui Taylor from FlyingBinary. Jacqui is a web scientist and expert in data and smart cities who’s worked closely with Tim Berners-Lee on the Open Government Partnership. Flying Binary are Cloud specialists and have helped Swift and the banks with their migration to the Cloud.

Jacqui talked about how today we have Web 2.0 – it’s social and searchable but still dominated by text. Almost 30% of humanity is online, most of whom are gen Y. They tend to be open, collaborative and visual. The next 60% of humanity (or 5.2 billion people) will be largely gen Z. They don’t tend to communicate visually, but are kinesthetic, so need to touch and interact. This will have huge implications for how we serve them as customers, employ them as the future workforce and what Web 3.0 will look like – interactive, data-driven, relevant.

During the session she challenged us to think about the data we need to evidence what we’re doing and how to understand and engage our communities at a deep level. The data is there, used well it can help us find the stories, opportunities and business models of the future.