Here’s the second of our guest posts from our Entrepreneur Academe participants. This time up it’s the turn of Suzanne Noble from Frugl.

Frugl is an events discovery app that helps users on a budget find affordable things to do. We launched mid-March and have had thousands of downloads, thanks in part to a ½ page feature that appeared in the Metro at the end of March. This, along with other features on blogs/websites and great word-of-mouth has contributed to our success so far.

The business and our vision for Frugl has grown and evolved very quickly ever since we joined the Accelerator Academy programme at the start of the year. Although I had spent twenty years running a PR Agency that had grown organically, I had never written a business plan. I found it a real struggle at first as my core skill is in PR and Marketing. Thankfully, our course leader Ian Merricks, a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, took us through the process one step at a time. By the end of the course we not only had a plan but also a deep understanding of what we needed to do to build our business. We experienced a steep but very valuable learning curve over those twelve weeks.

The next six months for Frugl is going to be all about growing our user base, innovating our technology and seeking the investment we need to fast track our growth. We know the events discovery space is crowded but we feel that our core proposition of appealing to users on a budget has a strong pull amongst our target demographic of mainly students and 18-35 year old Londoners.

I’ve very excited and proud to have been chosen by Entrepreneur Academe. Being in the company of other entrepreneurial women, most of them farther along in their business than we are, is inspiring. I’m especially looking forward to the mentoring that the Academe provides and for the chance to be introduced and to pitch Frugl in front of serious investors. It’s a real honour to be in the company of so many successful women and spending the next twelve months learning from them and supporting each other.