Angel Academe were kind enough to let me pitch at the very end of their first event held in Shoreditch. I had cheekily fired off an email a few days before to ask if a I could speak at this networking event for professional women (men are welcom) and Sarah was kind enough to accommodate me.

I wanted to speak at a ladies event as I run a business aimed at women (mothers in particular) which comprises of 3 guys, with barely a girlfriend or a child between us! I was there looking for team mates, users, investors and advisors who could add a much needed female perspective to our company and board.

Speaking were the incredible Angel Investor and all-round tech maven Sherry Coutu (look her up and you’ll see what I mean), as well as 3 fantastic entrepreneurs talking about their startups (Snap Fashion, The Backscratchers and Tyze), what lead them to this point and where they were going. All fantastic businesses, addressing great markets and (in the case of Snap Fashion) sweeping the UK tech scene off it’s feet.

Networking afterwards showed that there will not be a shortage of women in the tech startup scene for much longer. I got to chat with amazing computer scientists, bankers, media professionals and serial entrepreneurs all of whom were eager to help or find out what it was like to take the dive into the startup world. Unlike tech normal networking events there was no bragging, Prosseco instead of beer and a genuine interest in each others projects that is so often lacking.

As I left I was thrilled to have met so many great women keen to break in to the little male filled bubble that is the UK tech scene. We need the viewpoint, we need the expertise and we need the understanding. Looking for team mates? Then go. Looking for investors, advisors or interesting chats? Then go. Looking to make a difference? Then go.

Come and say hi if you see me.

James is a Co-Founder of, an online exchange for kids clothes that takes the hassle and pain out of saving money on kids clothes.